Used auto parts, Engines, Transmissions

In many cases, the purchase of a used car part is the only economically sound choice.

Used cars can be purchased for a moderate amount. Unfortunately, some parts, such as new engines or automatic transmissions, cost a lot of money and no one buys such new parts from a dealer.. Repairing these parts is unprofitable and most often the optimal choice is to buy used parts from recycling yards and replace them.

We offer assistance in the purchase and delivery of such expensive car parts and components as: engines, gearboxes, turbines, compressors, complete doors and many others.

We have access to parts search engines in different countries, therefore we can offer parts at the lowest purchase prices and the lowest delivery costs. We deliver to the chosen address in the shortest possible time.

We suggest that you consider importing parts from the USA for cars with gasoline engines using the world’s largest search engine for used parts at great prices:  

You will find on this website over 200 millions parts with photos and descriptions, prices, locations and contact details to the seller. The purchase can be made in person or with our help.

On request, we can only deal with the transport of purchased parts or car parts direct from salvage Auto Auction like

However, when looking for parts for cars with a diesel engine or typically European cars, it is worth looking for and compare prices on the websites in Germany:

Whereas in England: and many similar portals available via the Internet.

To purchas a complete diesel engine or an automatic gearbox, you can save a lot of money without any hassle. In order to find the right offers. We suggest to us the best parts search engines to use our help.

In order to obtain a suitable offer from us, please complete the request/order form with the VIN number, part number or a detailed description of the parts you need.

After receiving the VIN, we will be able to check the matching of selected parts to a specific car in our parts catalogs, and on request, we will arrange the delivery of the purchased parts for you.

When buying parts abroad, pay attention to: the location of the seller of the selected part, delivery costs to your destination.

Terms of payment. Most often, prepayment by TT bank transfer, payment by credit card or Pay-Pal is required.

Useful when ordering is our catalogs with part numbers, diagrams, and dealer prices for comparison at:

Our transport costs are always lower because we import more parts at once.

Air transport is the fastest but the most expensive. The waiting time for delivery is 5 to 14 days, Whereas road and sea transport are much cheaper, but the waiting time is 7 to 30 days.

To the prices of the purchased parts, the following should be added:
– The cost of delivery to your address.
– Our commission on the purchase and transport of parts is concuret. – This covers our order fulfillment costs finding the right part at he lowest possible price, purchase as close as possible, arranging delivery in the cheapest way.


In order to find out about retail delivery costs, we suggest contacting international carriers such as:

The prices of the purchased parts should include additional costs depending on the legal regulations in the your country, such as:

  • Customs duty for parts,usually 3-5%
  • VAT ?? %,
  • and the fee for customs clearance if needed.

If you are interested in buying used parts at lower prices, directly from recycling companies, please contact our company by e-mail: