Cars from U.S.A. or Canada

Importing cars from USA or Canada

We offer the largest selection of vehicles at the lowest prices ,then deliver them to your door. Read on if you are seriously interested in buying a car.

You can choose a car yourself, using the search engines available below on this page and the following ones describing other car markets. You can also use our help in finding a specific vehicle by sending an e-mail to

Before making a decision about choosing a car, it is possible to obtain detailed information about a specific vehicle by decoding its VIN for free using a decoder:

However, you can check the vehicle history by purchasing a Vehicle History Report, e.g. from, without photos or from with photos.

The cost of such a report ranges from $10 to $40. In the Report, we can obtain detailed information about any damage, accidents, number of owners or the actual mileage of the selected car.

More information can be obtained by ordering an additional visual inspection and evaluation by a local expert,adjuster . Such an inspection costs from $ 100 to $ 400.

After determining which car you initially decided to buy in the USA, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will help you determine the current wholesale prices for the selected model and together we will determine the details of the entire transaction and the estimated cost of the total import of the selected car.

The main choice is to buy a vehicle from the retail market for a fixed price or from Auctions where the price will be determined during the auction.

Below we present automotive portals, the most popular of which are:a

Several million cars are available on these portals every day, ready for immediate sale.

This huge supply and price competition mean that the prices are very low and the choice is the greatest.

It is more risky to purchase from a private person, e.g. through an auction portal:

It is more advantageous for exporters to buy a car at Auto Auction at wholesale, net prices:

There are over 300 auctions in the USA, the largest of which are: USA and USA

Unfortunately, bidding access on these auctions is only possible through dealers, for example with our help.

For those interested in damaged and damaged vehicles, we present the 3 largest car auctions worldwide. In total, they offer over 400,000 damaged vehicles at bargain prices every day, and these vehicles are designed either for repair, rebuilding or for parts.



Before we start bidding on the Auction of the vehicle selected by the client, a guarantee deposit is required to our account in accordance with the terms of the given Auction.

On request, we send the payment instructions and account numbers or an account in Paypal.

After making the transfer, please send us a confirmation of the bank transfer to the e-mail address: with your details: name, surname, contact telephone number, e-mail address. e-mail, the amount of the deposit transfer made as payment: “DEPOSIT FOR THE PURCHASE OF THE CAR FROM THE US AUCTION”. You have to pay a minimum amount of 10% of the amount for which you intend to purchase the selected vehicle, but not less than the equivalent of USD 600. Then, the order and the brokerage agreement for the purchase and sale of the selected vehicle will be drawn up, in which the terms of the contract will be specified in detail. The contract will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you.

On the second day after winning the auction, you should pay the rest of the price specified in the purchase contract. In order to protect you from penalties for delay and costs for parking the vehicle, we suggest making express SWIFT transfers to the account specified in the contract.

In the event of withdrawal or resignation by you from purchases in the USA and participation in the auction, you must apply for a refund of security deposit . The tender guarantee or guarantee deposit may only be returned to the sender within 14 days from the date of receipt of the written resignation from the concluded contract. Failure to pay on time results in the cancellation of the transaction by the Auction and the loss of the guarantee deposit.

In an online auction, the next price raise that raises the offered purchase price is usually $ 100. The final sale price of the vehicle is determined only after the end of the auction. Many sellers reserve the lowest price for which they will agree to sell their vehicle.

To the final bid price, in each case, the auction fees should be added plus the costs of transport from the place of purchase to the port in the USA and from the port in the USA to the destination port indicated by you, as well as customs duty and tax used in your country.

The transport of the purchased vehicle we organize is carried out by specialized transport companies with appropriate auto transporters, tow trucks and car carriers , which deliver the purchased cars safely and without damage to the port.

We practice road transport from the place of purchase to the nearest port, which significantly reduces the total cost of import. An additional advantage is that we handle shipments from all ports in the USA and Canada, which additionally helps to save on import costs like a  Customs duty andTax . We only employ reliable carriers to transport the purchased car.

For the time of crossing the ocean, we also suggest our clients to buy an additional insurance policy, the so-called Marine Insurance. The cost ranges from 1 to 2% of the declared value of the car. It is possible to transfer the principal amount for the purchased car directly to the account of the dealer selling the car from the USA.

Original ownership documents, the so-called TITLE,or Certificate of ownership along with  purchase invoice and Bill of Lading, are the only documents authorizing the vehicle to be picked up from the port and allow its customs clearance both in the USA and later at the destination port.

In accordance with the content of our contract, these activities related to customs clearance are carried out by our representative at the port or the customs agency on behalf of the buyer.

Payment for the purchased vehicle in the USA can be made in any way you choose: You can, for example, make a transfer from your bank directly to our bank account or directly to a dealer in the U.S.A We accept payments for cars via TT, bank transfer, PayPal or cash in any currency.

Transaction security

For our customers who have any doubts as to the security of the entire transaction, we suggest using the payment system. This method secures the payer of smaller sums towards the guarantee deposit, security deposit, advance payment, etc. It is also extremely convenient when paying for goods purchased abroad, eg for auto parts. PayPal allows anyone who has an email address to send and receive secure online payments. PayPal is available in over 190 countries and allows payments in various currencies. Fast, secure and simple PayPal is the perfect solution for small online and international transactions, but the safest way to pay for your car is to send it directly to your Dealer or ours account after receiving a proforma invoice.

Import documents

Each country has its own regulations regarding property rights, forms of transferring property rights to the next buyer, and separate requirements and regulations regarding the export of vehicles. We suggest that you read these regulations carefully before purchasing a car or commission it to us as an experienced dealer, broker. This can protect you against a situation when a vehicle legally purchased in another country will not be allowed in some country because of one word or a term written on its document – title title, for example: “salvage unrebuildable” or “certificate of destruction”, etc. We advise against any modification of the documents done along the wayThe car may look like new but maybe  will never be registered again or will  be confiscated by customs officials as, for example, as a environmental waste. The fact that you are buying a vehicle in a currently visually satisfactory condition does not constitute any guarantee, e.g. that the vehicle has not been previously flooded with water during a flood or has been canceled by insurance companies and by local law as it is never again can be  on public roads.

Often, such vehicles are sold at auctions, where buyers compete with offers without first getting acquainted with the history of a given vehicle and its documents.

There is a way to avoid such a problematic situation by entrusting the purchase and bringing to us as an experienced, responsible dealer / broker.

The car will be picked up after about 4-6 weeks from the moment of purchase. It can be picked up in person at the port that has been indicated by the customer or will be delivered by us to the address indicated. The delivered car is after all customs and tax fees.

The procedure for buying a new car is fundamentally different from buying a used car. We purchase through closed car auctions associated in the Mannheim system and other similar auction houses or directly from a dealer of a given brand. Before each purchase, we receive a car inspection report from the auction, describing all external and mechanical damage and specifying the wear of the car, and even its tires.

Our company does not purchase cars at public auctions, such as Ebay, from private persons because of too high prices and too much risk.

On the other hand, at auctions of the Manheim type, there are numerous cases of selling new cars at auctions at a price lower than the list price of a new car by several thousand USD. These are generally new demonstration and demonstration cars. Or unclaimed and ordered for the customer.

Taking into account the lack of the need to pay Sales Tax, when buying through our company, savings can be as high as 7 to 12% of the car value.

New cars from the USA are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for several years (3-10 years) under the conditions specified for the American market.

Buying salvage cars is similar to buying a used car. We buy such cars at Auctions that specialize in this category of vehicles.

All damaged cars are sold without warranty. Registered customers can buy directly from the Auction. After registering a PERSON, they receive a login and password that allow them to: bid and buy vehicles. More about auctions on

In such situations, you can use our help in organizing transport.

In the US, millions of different vehicles are offered for sale every day. This creates enormous price competition and, as a result, gives the lowest prices in the world for new or used cars. The prices are much lower than, for example, in Europe.

Below are links to major US pricing websites for all US vehicles. In the place where the zip code is required in the search engines = the address code can be entered, for example, 10002, and next to it select “any distance”.

For those interested in buying the latest car models, we present the official websites of car manufacturers from the USA and Canada.

It is worth comparing exchange rates and prices at dealerships in different countries. Vehicle exporters like us pay only the net price without adding state taxes, the so-called sales tax, while private customers must pay this local tax additionally.

Due to the high rotation of vehicles, we suggest you repeat your search every day until you find the offer that suits you. Offers are added daily and the best value for money with Buy It Now disappears within hours. Dealers from all over the world are waiting for bargains, so you have to decide relatively quickly.

After selecting the offer, you can calculate the final cost of importing the selected car by adding the cost of transport and customs and tax fees to the purchase price. The last component of costs is our commission, the amount of which depends on the scope of services entrusted to us, minimum 100 USD.

The total cost of importing a used car from the USA is worth comparing with the advertisements on local auction portals. Usually, the sum is much lower, especially when buying young, several-year-old cars.

If you need help finding and purchasing a car, write to us by e-mail. We will find the best opportunity for you and transport it to the address provided! More information can be found on our website or after contacting our consultants by phone.

We offer all assistance in these online car purchases from the USA, starting from checking the offer, vehicle history and its technical condition, and ending with checking the documentation and making a safe payment for the car after receiving a net invoice, possible for exporters when buying used cars. Then we organize pickup, transport from any place of purchase and deliver the vehicle to the nearest port. After notarising the documents and customs clearance, we deliver the cars to the ship going to the selected port, and even to the buyer’s home address, as agreed.

Import charges : Customs duty, TAX.

Import of vehicles from the USA is associated with the following costs: vehicle purchase, transport, customs duty, VAT and other charges depends on destination country.

Below is a list of customs duty rates for imported vehicles. More details on the website of the customs service.Customs duty, VAT are calculated cumulatively, based on the purchase value plus transport costs. The order of calculation is as follows: customs, VAT.

List of potential costs and import fees depending on the source of purchase:

  • net purchase price of the vehicle in the US, e.g. at an auction or from a dealer,
  • the commission for our brokerage only in the purchase of a vehicle in the USA is USD 100,
  • road transport: transport from the place of purchase to the port, cost 1.50 USD / mile (distances in the USA are available at:, examples of costs in the road transport tab,
  • auction fees depending on the value of the vehicle,
  • Ocean Freight in Container: Cost from $ 300 to $ 1900 per vehicle depending on vehicle size and port location. Current import fees to other countries should be checked yourself with the local customs offices in the destination country.
  • for unloading and for customs clearance at the destination port in Europe: fees range from 200-500 Euro,
  • 10% duty for passenger cars and 22% for heavy goods vehicles,
  • 16-23% VAT tax in Europe  is charged on all costs in total ,
  • the cost of registration, ID, plates,.
  • the fee for our brokerage, assistance in customs clearance (USA, DE, PL), is 100 USD
  • the purchase-sale re-invoicing service optional fee is a maximum of 5%,
  • the additional payment for the transport of a damaged, accident-free vehicle that does not move on its own is an additional 100-150 USD,
  • vehicle insurance on request: 1-2% of the value of the purchased vehicle,
  • freight cost, e.g. from the USA on average from USD 200 to USD 2000 depends on chosen ports,
  • VAT in Poland is 23%, and optional VAT of 19% only if it is paid in a German port by an importer who is a private person,
  • the cost of transport in USA by auto transporter or tow truck from the  purchase place to port cost circa 200-900 usd

If you are interested in buying a car from the USA with our help, please contact us by phone or WhatsApp at 48.508-054-434 or by e-mail: