Road transport of vehicles

We transport mainly passenger cars in the amount of 1-3 pieces on car carriers and larger quantities 5-9 cars using Lohr type auto transporters.

Depending on the type and dimensions of the transported car, as well as the length of the planned route, transport may cost more or less.

The pricing will be made before the service is performed and individually agreed with the carrier.

Inquiries about the cost of transport can be submitted to us by email at

Transport prices have recently been steadily rising, in line with fuel costs and drivers’ salary costs. The costs of transport also include tolls, vignettes, e-toll, viaToll, etc. depending on the country through which the car-transporter passes.

The distance from the pick-up point to the place of delivery can be quickly checked, for example, on Google maps or on

Road transport

Vehicle purchase prices are not the final expense. Unfortunately, you have to take into account the additional costs of their transport.

The cost of delivery of the purchased passenger car from the place of purchase to the nearest port depends mainly on the distance between, as well as the technical condition of the vehicle.

Buyers should include additional road freight costs in their calculation, which averaged $ 1.50 per mile. The distances between cities can be easily checked using the link

It is worth remembering about the costs of bringing the vehicle by land.

After purchasing the car, take it to the port using the shipping company’s transport services. After picking up the car from the sea port  your car again have to deliver on tow truck or flat bed to your home address.

Before picking up a car from the port, you must pay a customs duty and  tax or make transit customs clearance.